David Acer is an original in a business where creativity is a treasured commodity, and that fact alone places him on the very short A-list of top contributors to the art of magic.” - David Regal

If you liked whatever your favorite book is, you'll love More Power To You!

More Power To You
The Very Best of David Acer

29 ingenious routines from over 20 years of published work, all rewritten, revised, updated and upgraded. Plus 3 brand new miracles, including David's astonishing moving-hole effect, "Wormhole"!

  • Produce the sound of a cellphone ringing out of thin air before producing the cellphone itself!
  • Punch a hole in your business card, then slide it off and place it on the side of a take-out coffee cup, causing coffee to suddenly begin streaming out!
  • Magically link a borrowed finger ring onto a borrowed pair of glasses!
  • Remove your watch and wave it counter-clockwise to reverse time until the watch vanishes from your fingertips and reappears on your wrist!
  • Make an ungimmicked light-bulb from a string of Christmas lights flicker on in your hand, then go dark before you give it away as a souvenir!
  • Instantly change places with someone you're standing beside on stage!

And so much more! Incredible card magic, eye-popping coin magic, adequate mental magic, plus tricks with matches, bills, and balloons. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! If you order in the next ten minutes, we'll also throw in TWO MORE TRICKS with notepads and bottle caps, PLUS a foreword by David Acer that will change the way you think about grammar! Hardcover with dustjacket, 192 pages, written by David Acer and illustrated by Tony Dunn, all for only $40 plus postage!

"More Power To You is a terrific collection of practical and novel tricks.- Erc Mead, Genii magazine

" Machiavelli has a new name and that name is Acer." - Bob Farmer

"This book contains some of the most commercial, fun to perform magic I have read this year." - Marshall Petersen, H&R Magic Books

"One night I was hanging out with a bunch of magi, and we were passing the book around and just plain old cracking up at its awesomeness... if you’re even a little bit serious about magic, you absolutely must have this book in your collection." - Jeff Stone, www.mylovelyassistant.com

"... More Power To You is a collection of interesting, practical, offbeat magic, and I highly recommend seeking it out." - Will Houston, MAGIC magazine

"Tricks abound, written with a humor that makes reading Acer's material almost as much fun as watching one of his videos... There used to be a market for books detailing the creative output of a single artist. Books like The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings and The Complete Works of Derek Dingle... More Power to You: The Very Best of David Acer belongs beside them as a testament to a fine close-up magician." - W.S. Duncan, M-U-M Magazine

"It’s not often that I come across a book this great. Read More Power to You: The Very Best of David Acer." - Wayne Kawamoto, About.com

Autographed Upon Request

$55.00 USD North America - postage paid

$68.00 USD International - postage paid

David performs "Changes" from MORE POWER TO YOU


David performs "Around the World in 80 Dollars" from MORE POWER TO YOU


David Performs "Overtime" from MORE POWER TO YOU


David demonstrates "Nomen Omen" from MORE POWER TO YOU

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